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Florida International University’s (FIU) Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering has signed an agreement to provide engineering design and plan to Haiti Energie for future projects. In particular, the demand for solar power is high in Haiti, where only approximately 20 percent of the island’s population has access to electricity. Less than half the population of Port-au-Prince has power.

Currently, Haiti gets 60 percent of its electrical energy from imported diesel fuel. As a result 40 percent of residential and commercial buildings costs go to paying for diesel. Solar generated electricity can dramatically cut these costs and reduce emissions.

Haiti Energie president Ed Romain says, “The technical support provided by the graduate students at the FIU’s Smart Grid Test Bed Research Lab will allow us to be even more efficient and reliable. It also enables us to build micro-scaled smart grid in different municipalities throughout Haiti, as well as provide solar systems for small and medium-size businesses, such as hotels, schools, and hospitals. With this agreement in place, we are gaining a reliable business partner for hassle-free installations.”

Haiti Energie is looking for FIU to help fund operations and provide batteries, wiring, racking, and other materials needed to create a solar power system. The new partnership with FIU strengthens Haiti Energie’s position as the country’s leading utility.

Romain adds: “Haiti Energie is the only company in the country poised to solve this overwhelming power crisis. We are one of the private company in Haiti that is licensed by the government to sell electricity to private and government institutions, as well as commercial and residential customers.”

by Kathleen Tracy