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Senior Design

Senior Design Day marks the capstone project completed for engineering seniors. During this two-semester course, students are mentored by faculty and industry leaders as they work to address and solve real-world engineering problems.

Students use the skills they have learned during their educational career at FIU and apply them to product design and implementation while working collectively as a team and making sure to budget properly.

“Witnessing the students complete this project is like watching them bloom, as if you put water on a flower,” explains Undergraduate Program Director, Herman Watson.

The Virtual Online Senior Design Showcase Spring 2024 is fast approaching!

Save the date: 
Thursday, April 18, 2024


Benefits to Sponsor

Recruiting: Sponsors have the chance to engage and collaborate with FIU ECEE senior engineering students as prospective employees. Preexistent relationships, such as these, can guarantee successful hiring decisions.

Collaboration: Take advantage of the opportunity to use FIU ECEE students, faculty and state-of-the-art equipment housed within the College of Engineering and Computing.

Implicit Endorsement: FIU ECEE, students, faculty and staff will share their positive experiences with peers and spread superior awareness of your company Exploration of New Product Development: Senior Design teams provide an alternative way for companies to discover innovative ideas in collaboration with FIU ECEE students and faculty, without a large venture and prospective risks involved with new product development in a corporate setting.