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Cadence University Program Member

Florida International University is a member of the Cadence University Program.

The Cadence® toolset is a complete Integrated Circuit (IC) Electronic Design Automation (EDA) system used to develop commercial analog, digital, mixed-signal and RF ICs and circuit boards. This toolset is used in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering for research projects and the various courses.

Students in the following courses currently use or will use the Custom IC, Digital IC, Verification, and SPB software tools from Cadence Design Systems.

Courses employing Cadence®* Tools

  • EEE 4314 Integrated Circuits and Systems
  • EEL 4746 Microcomputers I
  • EEL 4747L Microcomputers II (RISC)
  • EEL 4920 Senior Design I
  • EEL 4921C Senior Design II
  • EEL 5426 RF Circuit Design
  • EEL 5741 Adv Microproc Sys
  • EEL 6167 VLSI Design
  • EEL 6726 Advanced VLSI Design
  • EEL 6758 Engineering Design of Microprocessor Based Operating System
  • EEL 6825 Pattern Recognition

Research labs employing Cadence® Tools

  • Advanced Real-Time and Computing Systems Lab (ARCS LAB)
  • RF Communications, Millimeter-Waves, and Terahertz Lab
  • Bio-MEMS and Microsystems Lab
  • Human Cyber-Physical Systems Lab
  • Integrated Nanosystems Research Lab

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Contact Information

For information on the use of Cadence products at Florida International University, please contact:

Dr. Arjuna Madanayake
Office:  EC 3983
Phone: (305) 348-8704 
Adress: FIU Engineering Center
            10555 West Flagler Street
            Miami, Florida 33174


Alberto Oria
EC 2815
Phone: (305) 348-8017
Yaddehi De Silva

*Cadence is a registered trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc., 2655 Seely Avenue, San Jose, CA 95134.