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The Electrical and Computer Engineering department offers a variety of courses leading to masters and doctoral degrees. The comprehensive interests and expertise of our faculty lead to a synergistic connection between these two degrees. Students may select courses based on their academic interests and career goals.  Refer to the Graduate Student Catalog for a list of courses offered. 

Starting Fall 2021, FIU's new M.S. in Internet of Things (IoT) prepares you to gain the skills, knowledge and capabilities to position yourself in this rapidly growing and expanding field with increasing opportunities and higher earning potential. Learn sought-after technological skills to build on an ecosystem of hardware, software and services that turns data into intelligence.

Please also check our Graduate Handbook for the detailed graduate policies and procedures in our department.

Degrees Offered:

Professionals with the knowledge to integrate expertise from both electrical engineering and computer science are in high demand. Our electrical and computer engineering programs will give you the skills in both fields.  

Master of Science in Computer Engineering

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Master of Science in Internet of Things (IoT) 

Master of Science in Computer Engineering: Network Security (Fully Online)

Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Combined BS/MS in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering

MDC-FIU MS Programs in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Major Areas of Specialization:

To download the PDF version of the 2023-2024 College of Engineering & Computing's Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate catalog, click here.