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Main Content
  • EEE 4421C Introduction to Nanofabrication
  • EEE 5427C Advanced Nanofabrication

Also cross-listed

  • EGN 4012C Introduction to Nanoscale Processing Technologies
  • EGN 5013C Nanoscale Fabrication and Synthesis

TERM: Fall 2013

  • TIME: Monday 11:00am – 1:00pm
  • CLASSROOM: EC 1113
  • LAB: 2 hours per week (TBA)
  • INSTRUCTORS: Nezih Pala (ECE, contact: ), Chunlei Peggy Wang (MME)
  • PREREQUISITES: Instructor’s permission.
  • TEXTBOOKS:      Introduction to Microfabrication, 2010, Sami Franssila (Recommended, not mandatory)

Nanofabrication is the most important component in developing and manufacturing micro and nanosystems, such as: microelectronics, biochips, microfluidic lab on a chip, MEMS/NEMS, integrated optical circuits, high- frequency and optoelectronic, micromagnetic devices, microsensors, etc. These courses will provide necessary and solid training to students to gain hands-on experience in design and fabrication of micro and nano-systems. They include lab sessions where the students design, fabricate and test micro-scale pressure sensors. The students will be certified to have access to FIU’s Motorla Nanofabrication Research Facility for future use.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to nanofabrication tools, environment and methods
  • Thin film materials and processes
  • Layout design and pattern generation
  • Optical and advanced lithography techniques
  • Etching
  • Oxidation
  • Diffusion
  • Ion implantation
  • Micrometrology and characterization