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Atoussa H. Tehrani


  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, University of Science & Technology of Lille Flandres Artois, Lille, France
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, Florida International University, Miami, FL
  • BS in Applied Physics, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

Areas of Expertise

  • Data Communications and Computer Networking
  • Processor Architecture and Design
  • Embedded Systems
  • Advanced Electronic Communications
  • Semiconductor Technology and Thin Film Engineering
  • Process Control Instrumentation and PLCs

Courses Taught

  • TCN 4211 – Telecommunication Networks
  • EEL 4740 – Embedded Computing Systems
  • EEL 4746 – Microcomputers I
  • EEL 4747 – RISC
  • EIN 3235 – Evaluation of Engineering Data
  • TCN 4431 – Principles of Computer Network Management
  • EEL 4515 – Advanced Communication Systems
  • EEL 4709C - Computer Design
  • EEL 6758 – Engineering Design of Microprocessor Based Operating System
  • EEL 4921C – Senior Design II

Journal Articles

  • Nanophase films deposited from a high-rate, nanoparticle beam. F. K. Urban III, A. Hosseini-Tehrani, P. Griffiths, A. Khabari, Y. W. Kim, and I. Petrov J. Vac. Sci. Tech. B 20, 2002, 995
  • Irreversible magnetization in nickel nanoparticles. F. Zuo, F. K. Urban III, A. Khabari, P. Griffiths, , A. Hosseini-Tehrani Journal of Magnetism Magnetic Materials 225, 337 (2001)
  • Interesting optical properties of films composed of very small grains formed from a high rate nanoparticle beam. F. K. Urban III, A. Hosseini-Tehrani, P. Griffiths, A. Khabari Thin Solid Films, vol. 355-356, pp513, 1999
  • Modeling of large cluster synthesis. A. Hosseini-Tehrani, F. K. Urban III Proceedings of AVS 46th International Symposium, Seattle, Washington, October 25-29 1999
  • Deposition of thin films using beam of nanoparticles F. K. Urban III, , A. Khabari, A. Hosseini-Tehrani, P. Griffiths, G. Fernandez J. Vac. Sci. Tech. A Jul/Aug 1996
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