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Arjuna Madanayake



  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary, AB, Canada
  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary, AB, Canada
  • B.S. in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka


  • Multidimensional systems
  • Wireless communications
  • Array processing
  • Circuits and systems
  • FPGAs
  • Analog computing


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2. R. Cintra, D. Coelho, S. Nimalapalli, V. S. Dimitrov, A. Madanayake and A. Tisserand, “Computation of 2D 8x8 DCT Based on the Loeffler Factorization Using Algebraic Integer Encoding”, IEEE Transactions on Computers (TCOMP), vol. 67, issue 12, pp. 1692-1702, 2018.

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4. C. Wijenayake, N. Udayanga, S. Pulipati, A. Madanayake and L. T. Bruton, “Low-Complexity Wideband Transmit Beamforming using Network-Resonant Digital Plane-Wave Filters”, IEEE Antennas and Propagation Letters (AWPL), vol. 17, issue 7, pp. 1300-1304, 2018.

5. V. Ariyarathna, D. F. G. Coelho, S. Pulipati, R. J. Cintra, F. M. Bayer, V. S. Dimitrov, A. Madanayake, "Multibeam Digital Array Receiver Using a 16-point Multiplierless DFT Approximation", IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 2018 (Early Access)

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EEL 5500 Digital Communication Systems


Phone: (305) 348-8704
FIU Engineering Center
10555 West Flagler Street
Miami, Florida 33174
(Room EC 3983)
Lab website: RAND Lab


Why did you become an engineer? 

I was inspired by frequent visits to my dad's electronic measurements lab when I was a child. My father was a physicist working for the Sri Lankan government. Interactions with my uncle who is a civil engineering professor also amazed me, and so many different fun engineering projects (like taking apart the family car) with my dad at home. I became hooked on electronics due to another uncle who was really into hi-fi equipment. These three people inspired me to pursue engineering as a career.